Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Dividing decimals (w/ extras)

Name: Jazire
I learnt to divide decimals, here is my working.

4.8 divided by 4 = 1.2
18.6 divided by 3 = 6.2
15.5 divided by 5 = 3.1
12.04 divided by 4 = 3.01
12.36 divided by 6 = 2.06
25.76 divided by 7 = 3.68
33.84 divided by 8 = 4.23
38.34 divided by 9 = 4.26
55.65 divided by 7 = 7.95
2.25 divided by 5 = 0.45
3.36 divided by 6 = 0.56
32.4 divided by 8 = 4.05
0.56 divided by 4 = 0.14
4.1 divided by 5 = 0.82
2.97 divided by 3 = 0.99
13.6 divided by 5 = 2.72

Bea used 9.6cm of lace for 8 dresses. How much lace did she use for each dress? 1.2
Seven people shared a prize of $24815. How much did each person get? $3545
Sandy cut 2.52m length of ribbon into 3 equal pieces. How long was each piece? 0.4m
Jo bought 5 ice creams. It cost her $13.75. How much does each ice cream cost? $2.75

Friday, 11 November 2016

500 word challenge

Here is my 500 word drawing challenge for labour weekend

Labour Weekend

During Labour weekend, we are allowed to stay away from school.
I'll be as red as a cherry from being too happy.
While I'm away from school, I will play with all of my friends and we probably will go on a trip somewhere. We are going to Parakai Pools on Labour weekend for one of my cousins birthdays.
Sometimes, when I'm not at school, I draw in my book at home.
Sometimes I even have to clean my room because it gets messy very very easily. Labour weekend is going to be cool because I can do whatever I want and I wouldn't have to do any school work.
During that weekend, my family and I will go to amazing places and amazing trips. It's going to be so cool because I don't have to go to school. I'll go to the library or even the shops, but I would most probably go to my most favourite place of all, to the park. I like going to the park because there are plenty of things there to entertain you. I could even bring my drawing pads and pencils and markers, and even my pencil cases, so I could draw. I could play on the slides and swings, I could play or run on the coloured circle and play hide and seek with all my siblings.

Back at home, I could have sleepovers with my best friends and we could play dress ups and do each others makeup and hairs. When it's time to go back to school I'll turn blue like the sea because I would've had so much fun during the labour weekend.
But While I still have time, I'll spend every minute in fun, and I might help mum and dad to clean the house and keep it tidy. It's going to be so cool on that weekend because I could play every single day, except for when it's time to go back to school of course. I'll be bummed. At least I will still get to play around as much as I did at home. When I get back to school, I will still play alot, draw a lot, sing a lot, dance and also do my friends hair still too.

I like school, but not as much as I like home. At home, I can do whatever, but sometimes I do still have to do some work, like my house chores and my daily routines. I'll still have to change out of my dirty clothes, just like I do in the morning when I change into my school uniform. I'll still have to listen to my parents like I listen to my teachers. Home is a lot like school, but I still like it way way better than school. I will sleep in and I will clean up my filthy room, even though I hate cleaning. And then it's time to go back to school.
So I'll then be back to school work.

Friday, 16 September 2016

I found myself amongst dinosaurs

Topic: I found myself amongst dinosaurs

One morning, I woke up and found myself amongst a bunch of terrifying dinosaurs.
I was frightened to death, dead for sure.
I jumped out of bed, which actually turned out to be a rock. I looked down at such a hard pillow. I asked myself, “How ever did I get here?”
I started running, a dinosaur was heading my way.
I had to get out of this dream. Of course this wasn’t the real world.
“Come on, come on, something has to work for me to wake up.
I had just pinched myself when the dinosaur got directly behind me, how fast could it run?
“Well, at least I got out of that horrible place, I’m gonna go and get me some - wait, I’m still…”
I turned around and saw the dinosaur again, licking its chops like crazy.
I started running again, hoping that I would escape the monstrous beast, and I found myself out to be lucky. I ran into a bush nearby, the fast runner/dinosaur, couldn’t see me anymore.
I reached down the pocket of my pants and found my phone. “Yes! I can finally call mum.” At least, that’s what I thought. Turns out, phones weren’t made those days, in the past. But I knew I wasn’t in the past for sure. I was in the present. Wait, if I was in the past, then how did I still have my phone. Oh yeah, brought it with me. But, turns out that the world had only begun.

This is a short narrative story about me finding myself in the dinosaurs territory. I like this a lot because I got to make up stuff from my own imagination.

Prototec Maths

Name: Jazire

This is my work on prototec. Prototec is a site that my whole class goes on to work, in the morning. It is basically our morning thing to do, and once we are done, we either post it on our blog, or place it into a document by taking a screenshot of what we have done. 
Screenshot 2016-09-16 at 09.08.22.png

This was a little challenging, because when I got up to the fractions and percentages, I didn’t know some of them. I got 6/10 in that category. I also got 9/10 in the Sqrs, Roots and Factors category, but got 2 10/10’s in the first categories.
I liked this level because the challenge taught me a lot of things. Like sqrs are stuff like square roots.

I also got 30% on stage 8 during my journey on prototec. This one was a lot more challenging, with difficult equations and things like that.
Here is my screenshot of my progress.

Screenshot 2016-09-16 at 09.24.56.png

A poem/rhyme about Spring

Name: Jazire                                                                               Date: 16 sep 2016

WALT: use rhyming words in our writing.

Find words that rhyme with the following:

Sun - Fun
Spring - Bring
Bud - Stud
Buds - Spuds
New - Few
Fresh - Dress
Hop - Drop
Green - Seen
Emerging - Burning
Born - Corn
Air - Fair
Warm - Storm
Warmer - Corner
Flowers - Hours
Plants - Stance
Leaves - Heaves
Shoot - Flute
Grow - Flow

Write a poem using the words above to show you understand rhyming words.

It’s Spring

It’s spring It’s spring the time of fun
It’s spring, time to play in the sun

We’ll sit down and relax under a tree, by its stud
And make ourselves at home by eating some tasty spuds

We only have a little, we only have a few
but we can just get up and do something new
We can play hop scotch (hop hop hop)
We can play hop scotch and hop until we drop

We will lay down on the grass so green
And stare at all the pretty flowers
The loveliest flowers I’ve ever seen
I could gaze at them for hours

As the sun, from the clouds is emerging
It hits me with its beautiful rays, burning

We can watch some new plants be born
And out of them will come little corn
The skin of it will be very fresh
Hahaha, on the corn, the leaves look like a dress.

It feels so calm, the beautiful air
I think that the weather is also so fair

The sun today is so hot, so warm
You don’t need a raincoat today, there is no storm

As the clouds cover the sun, just as it starts to get warmer
It comes out again peeking its head around the corner

I see a gardener as he heaves
A handful of brown, yellow, red and green leaves.

We look back down at one of the growing plants
It looks like a dancer with a ballerina stance

We should play some netball, who first is gonna shoot
We play our game whilst someone nearby is playing the flute

We go down to the beach, leaving the little sprouts to grow
WOW look at the water, it has a cool flow

It’s spring it’s spring a lot of joy it will bring
My favourite season is (you already know) spring!

This is my work on a poem about spring.
I think that this helped me to learn to use better and more descriptive words in my writing, so that I can improve. I like my choice of words and matter. I also like how the first words and second words in the first part of my poem fit together in the story. I will now use a lot more descriptive and fun rhyming words in my writing, to show that I can improve and learn heaps.

Adding Fractions 16916

This is what I did in maths today. I liked this math activity because it shows me how to add fractions with different denominators in a lot of different ways.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Recount on the powhiri

Name: Jazire
Date: 1916

Recount on the powhiri

This morning, the maori kapa haka group did a special performance for some of the staff from Wairakei School in Christchurch, a powhiri. A powhiri is a traditional way for maori to greet people. It was AWESOME! I was a part of the performance. First, we had to stay in our position stance as soon as Matua Shaun called….


It was a bit long we had to wait, but, as soon as Gordon started off with the wero, we knew it wasn’t long to go.
Next, after Gordon had finished the wero, Memory started her Kai karanga, which, after it was said, echoed all across the school hall. After Memory’s wonderful welcome, Misty, who was on the other side with the Wairakei staff members, made her call. Then, As I had finished mine, Jolie gave her all…


Everybody followed after her and began with the haka powhiri.
It was a beautiful performance, the boys with their taiaha, and the girls with their rau.
Even the teachers and students were absolutely impressed!

After we finished our song, Ka Pioioi, Mr Hendricks had his say, and then the visitors
Sang a song they had been learning and working on.
After the school’s principal koreroed to us a bit about himself and his working at school, it was the end of the performance.
I was a bit bummed that our performance was complete, but at least we had fun and had a good time.

In the end, we sang the kapahaka group medley, which was one of my favourites.
I was relieved it was finished but also wanted to do something just like that, again.

I felt so happy to have performed for some staff from another place.
It was so cool because they came from Christchurch, but I was also chosen as an embassador, which I was so happy about.
I got to meet them all again!


A recount needs to be past tense
It is something that has already happened
It has the 5 main words
Who what when where why and the extra… How
It needs to be descriptive
It needs to be a story that has…
After that


Thursday, 1 September 2016

Meeting Wairakei School

Today we met some staff members, and the principal from Wairakei school in Christchurch.
I took a photo with the school's principal... Shane Buckner.
My friend Malae photobombed it.

Wairakei School Site

I was really happy to perform for the christchurch staff.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Olympic values

Olympic values

These are the 3 olympic values

Ned's Message

One friday afternoon, we had a special assembly.
It was all about a message i want to share.
Ned's message.

I will always remember this message because of NED.
Thank you NED and MEGAN.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Fraction of a set

What is ¼ of the following:   

Name:Jazire                                                           Date:11816

WALT find the fraction of a set.

What is ½ of the following:

What is ⅓ of the following

This is our work on fractions. We are learning simplifying, decimal, and simple fractions.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Olympic values

These are the 3 olympic values.
Friendship, respect and excellence.

Origami: Jumping Frogs

Name: Jazire

Date: 19816

Today, our Japanese teacher, Mr. Yumasaki, taught us to make origami frogs.

We made the hopping frog.

This is my frog.

19 Aug 2016 09:56:44.jpg
In the video above, you will see me and my friend, Alicia have a jumping frog race. (P.S my frog was not hopping).

Friday, 1 July 2016


Mean median mode, and range

The mean is the average of all numbers or scores.
  1. Add up all the scores
  2. Divide this total by the number of scores you added up.

The median is the middle score, once the scores are in order.
  1. To find the median, scores must be placed in order from the smallest to biggest. Start counting one off each end. Keep going until you have one score left in the middle.

The  mode is the most common score, there may be more than one or none at all.

The range is the highest score - the lowest score.

Task 1:
Find the mean, median, mode and range for each list.

  1. 2, 2, 4, 6, 11 (Range is 9)(Mode is 2)(Median is 4)(Mean is 5)
  2. 4, 8, 8, 9, 10, 12, 12 (Range is 8)(Modes are 8 and 12)(Median is 9)(Mean is 9)
  3. 8, 13, 19, 20 (Range is 12)(No mode)(No Median)(Mean is 15)
  4. 5, 2, 7, 9, 2 (Range is 7)(Mode is 2)(Median is 7)(Mean is 5)
  5. 9, 6, 8, 12, 3, 8, 10 (Range is 9)(Mode is 8)(Median is 12)(Mean is 8)
  6. 8, 0, 23, 14, 7, 14 (Range is 23)(Mode is 14)(Median is 23)(Mean is 11)

Task 2:

Martin and Jack both like cricket. During the cricket season they both score many runs, but who is the better batsman? Each batsman had five turns at bat and scored the following runs. Martin said “I’m the better batsman!” Is Martin correct?

Martin: 14, 9, 21, 9, 47

Jack:  22, 13, 7, 36, 22

  1. Find the mean for both Martin and Jack’s batting scores.
  2. Find the median for both Martin and Jack’s batting scores.
  3. Find the mode for both Martin and Jack’s batting scores.
  4. Find the range for both Martin and Jack’s batting scores.
  5. Was Jack correct? Using the information you have gathered, who was the better batsman? Explain your answer.


Martin: 20
Jack: 20


Martin: 21
Jack: 7


Martin: No mode
Jack: 22


Martin: 38
Jack: 15

Task 3

There are two groups of 10 students in Room 11. They all sat the same test. Their test results are as listed. Mya, who is in group B, said, “Our group is better we had three students who got a 10 out of 10. Is Mya correct?

This is my maths work about finding the mean, median, mode and range.