Monday, 13 November 2017

Digital Learning Object - Simultaneous Equations

This is a Digital Learning Object for learning about Simultaneous Equations.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Writing A Descriptive Paragraph About Firewroks!

Waves, Moving Water, Noisy helicopter, Wind blowing, Engine, Hurt, Intense, Flying, Freezing snow, Spicy, Delicious, Cheesy, Salty air, Fresh air, Seaweed
Fresh air

Use my 5 senses

Descriptive Paragraph About Fireworks

Did you know….
Did you know that each firework type has a specific name attached to it, based on the effect it produces when it goes off in the sky. Now, isn’t that fascinating?
Ever heard of peony, dahlia, and chrysanthemum? Yes, they are all names of flowers, but have you ever associated them with fireworks?

Image result for Diadem Fireworks
Fireworks, beautiful and bright. They are most oftenly lit up during the evening, so their astonishing colours will be more visible for people to admire. Everyone likes to see fireworks blowing up and colliding in the sky! Each firework has a unique name that describes how it will look like when set into the sky. There’s the wonderful Peony, the fascinating Willow, and loads more! My favourite firework is the diadem. Usually they come in more than just one fantastic colour! I like how the divergent tints go so well together, like they all work as a team to bring joy to people watching the fireworks. Fireworks are colourful, as well as magnificent, and that’s why people love them!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Screenshot 2017-09-20 at 10.00.02.png
For maths today, I went on a site called Matific. Matific is filled with lots of fun activities and games that children can enjoy playing. I decided to play a game called Wholes and Parts.
In this activity, I was given questions like, 2 x ¼. What I would do to find the answer was get a circle or any other shape I was given, (which can be found near the bin on the bottom right of the screen) and drag it onto the blank space. After I had done that, I would cut it into quarters and grab ¼. Then, I recycle the other quarters. When I have completed that, I would grab the duplicate button and drag it onto the quarter. Then I place them together and the answer is ½.

Matific helps me a lot because sometimes I need to revisit some things in math and don’t know where to find things relevant to it, I can just go on Matific, because they have all sorts of things in Mathematics that I can learn!

Friday, 1 September 2017

Should Grandparents be paid for looking after their grandchidren

Wednesday - August 23 2017

I need to have reasons for my argument statement
I must give valid reasons why I chose yes/no
My argument must include why or why not

Everyone knows that a babysitter gets paid when they take care of either a pet or child. But my question is, should Grandparents get paid for babysitting their Grandchildren?

Babysitters get paid most oftenly from their neighbours, not a family member or relation. But some people think that grandparents should be paid for taking care of their grandchildren. I think not. My reason for this is because grandparents should value the time they get to spend with their grandchildren. I think they shouldn’t be paid because when they babysit, they should be thinking about spending fun moments with their grandchildren instead of money.

I think that some grandparents might actually agree with this statement, because most grandpas and grannies just want to spend time with their little ones. And also, it would be a good advantage for a grandparent and grandchild to get along and develop a close relationship. Furthermore, I think that grandparents shouldn’t be given money for babysitting because sometimes, some people young children have younger siblings that need looking after and they help out with them. And most times, after spending a lot of time with their younger brother/s or sister/s they don’t get paid from their parents.

I think that people only get paid when they are older and actually need money, as only sometimes when younger children get paid, they may only spend it on lollies and junk foods. This is why I think grandparents shouldn’t receive any money for minding their grandchildren. Those were all of my valid reasons why I think grandparents should not be paid any money. Especially if they don’t want or need it.

I argue with everyone else that thinks grandparents should be paid. Because it wouldn’t be fair if another younger family member minded their younger siblings or family members and would earn nothing out of it.

We had to write an explanation or an argument to explain why or why not grandparents should be paid for looking after their grandchildren. We also had to give reasons to show why.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Making A Glossary

Reading - Inferences
How To Fall
Author: Whiti Hereaka
Illustrator: Rebecca ter Borg

Making a Glossary

WALHT - make a glossary list of the words we don’t know

  • After I finish organizing the words I don’t know in tables, I must find the definition.
  • I must write down the definition in my own words that are understandable to me.

Words I don’t know
My definition
Actual definition
Going on and on about something
To continue going on about something.
Being kind and talking nicely
Being supportive and encouraging - feeling or showing sympathy.
Always Irritating
Being wild and troublesome - Causing or tending to cause disruption.
A brand of protective-wear
Unattractive and not pleasing
Get back what you had before
Take possession of something (that you might have lost or other) again or once more.
Lying down spread out
Lounge or slump - Sit or lie with one’s arms and legs spread out; example - making snow angels.
Taking caution in what a person is doing
Trying to avoid potential problems or dangers.
Pressure or strength
Pressure, strain, rigidity, tightness.
Confident or proud of something
Feeling successful and victorious.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Explanation - How to get along with your classmates

Explanation - How to get along with your classmates

  • I must organise my ideas into paragraphs
  • I must be able to use grammatically correct sentences
  • My punctuation, spelling and sentence organisations should be correct
  • My explanation must include ideas related to the topic

Do you get along with your classmates well? Sometimes, getting along with the other children in your class is difficult. Luckily for you, I will explain how you can easily get along with your classmates.

If you’re having real trouble getting along with the children in your class, these are probably some of the best ways to manage your friendship.
  • Be friendly, kind and talk nicely
Most people like a friendly person. If you want to befriend a kid in your class, just smile, use kind words and ask them if they need any help with anything or if they’d like to play something with you.
  • Help them out with something
Sometimes, some children may be struggling to finish off their work, or may be having trouble fitting in, if they’re new. Walk over and offer them your help. This way, while helping them, you can talk to each other about other things as well as school things.
  • Play with them when they’re down
If you see one of your classmates sitting on their own, or being left out, go play with them and try to make them feel better. If you play with others when nobody else wants to, it shows that you are a kind person.

If you follow all of these ways to get along with the other children in your class, you’d probably have befriended the whole class then. And at the end of the school day, wave or say goodbye, and you’d definitely get one back.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Adding and subtracting decimals

I did some addition and subtraction strategies on a site called IXL which can help children with their learning (mostly maths). I liked the activities and questions I was given to answer. They made me think and were interesting. Here is a screenshot of what the questions looked like…
Screenshot 2017-07-25 at 11.29.05.png
This question has something to do with addition.

I read this question very carefully and after a short while, I clicked on the last answer, 13.8.
I also took a screenshot of the word “Fantastic!.” This told me that I got the correct answer.Screenshot 2017-07-25 at 11.29.12.png

I did a few more of these activities and got them all right. I think that adding and subtracting decimals is a fun thing to do. I liked working on adding and subtracting decimals and next I would like to learn about adding and subtracting mixed and improper fractions.