Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Bonus Activity - Winter Learning Journey D4

Bonus Activity
Winter Learning Journey
Day 4

Activity -
On your blog, tell us whether you think that fishing in Farewell Spit should be banned (stopped).
I agree that fishing in Farewell spit should be banned. Look at all those poor old Hector's Dolphins who suffer out there. Some people have Set fishing Nets that they set above the surface of the water. Set Net fishing acts as a majorly bad influence to the Hector's Dolphin. Like all marine mammals, they need to come to the surface regularly to breathe, but if they become tangled in set nets, they will have to hold their breath until they suffocate. There are also other things that are a threat to these dolphins. Because they are so close inshore, they are at risk of being injured or harmed by boats. Newborn babies are particularly vulnerable as they swim relatively slowly, close to the surface. Some have been killed by boat propellers when unwary boaties run them over.
Hector's dolphins only have a life time maximum of up to 20 years, and some are less fortunate because of what happens to them. I think fishing on Farewell spit should be stopped, for once, and for all!

Winter Learning Journey - D4 A2

Winter Learning Journey
Day 4, Activity 2

Activity -

Watch the following movie trailers for Whale Rider: Whale Rider trailer #1 and Whale Rider Trailer #2 and then write a summary of the movie on your blog. What is it about? Be sure to also give the movie a rating out of 5 based on the trailer [1 = bad movie, 2 = okay movie, 3 = pretty good, 4 = good movie, 5 = excellent movie].

The movie Whale Rider is about a girl named Paikea, or Pai for short. This movie is a contemporary story of love, rejection and triumph as this young Maori girl fights to fulfill a destiny her grandfather refuses to recognize. She ends up sort of connecting with a whale when loads are stranded on a beach and she rides the whale out to sea. I have seen the movie and give it a rating of 4, Pretty Good. I really love Paikea's personality and that she is a dreamer.

Winter Learning Journey - D4 A1

Winter Learning Journey
Day 4, Activity 1

Swimming with the sharks

I read about whales who accidentally swam into Farewell spit and how it became a whale graveyard. Whales must have accidentally swam into the spit and were unable to swim back into the ocean because they were stuck in the shallow part of it. This is what some local people did to try and save the beached whales...

They suggested they keep the whales wet, keep their blow holes clear and to stay away from the animals' tails. They also decided to use some of their clothing so that they could drape them over the whales. The next day, the whales had gone and the spit became a whale graveyard.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Bonus Activity - Winter Learning Journey D3

Winter Learning Journey
Bonus Activity
Day 3

Wild Eyes, My Moa Mission

I went onto a site called Wild Eyes and uploaded a photo of a Moa. Here is the exact same photo I uploaded. (below...)

Winter Learning Journey - D3 A2

Winter Learning Journey
Day 3, Activity 2

I went onto a site called 'predator free NZ' It shows facts about the possum, native to Australia. Possums are pests and have been damaging New Zealand's Native trees' leaves for a very long time.

I agree that possums are pests and a threat to our NZ wildlife. We need to get rid of possums immediately. They have become a very bad influence to New Zealand and have been chewing through the leaves on any native NZ trees they can find. Possums are pests and a threat, nothing more, nothing less, but getting rid of them may be hard.

Winter Learning journey - D3 A1

Winter Learning Journey
Day 3, Activity 1

Otorohanga Kiwi House
I decided to help out and protect the native birds of New Zealand by going onto the 'adopt a critter' page and adopting an animal. The animal I adopted was a traditional Brown Kiwi.
Let me tell you a little bit about the brown Kiwi.

Brown Kiwi are native to New Zealand. It is New Zealand's national bird. These birds have a spiky brown plumage, streaked with reddish brown. The closest relatives to kiwi today is the elephant bird from Madagascar. They are also related to emus and cassowaries of Australia, and the extinct moa of New Zealand.

There are five species of kiwi:Brown kiwi, Great spotted kiwi/roroa, Little spotted kiwi, Rowi, Tokoeka

Kiwi can live for between 25 and 50 years. Chicks hatch fully feathered. They emerge from the nest to feed at about five days old and are never fed by their parents. Juveniles grow slowly, taking three to five years to reach adult size. 


Bonus Activity - Winter Learning Journey D2

Winter Learning Journey
Bonus Activity
Day 2

I interviewed a family member (My younger brother) and asked him what his 5 favourite outdoor things to do were. I told him he could choose from land and sea, and he responded with these 5 outdoor things he enjoyed.

1. Playing ball - He told me he liked playing all sorts of ball games like Handball, Gutter ball, Basketball and rugby.

2. Swimming at the beach - He likes to go for a dip in the ocean now and then, and he says that he also loves collecting shells from the beach as well.

3. Running - He has a very energetic spirit and loves racing around with our pet dog, Princess.

4. Boogie Boarding - His way of surfing. Lying on a boogie board in the water on a nice sunny day to cool off.

5. Gymnastics - He sometimes can be a bit hyper-active and starts jumping around everywhere. Sometimes, he even cartwheels around the whole of our small front yard.