Friday, 19 May 2017

Making our own definition for Inferences

Inferences          16 May 2017

In class today, the ‘Inferences’ got into buddies and wrote our own definitions for Inferences on a big piece of white paper. I teamed up with Richelle and we made a short meaning for it on a draft paper first, then we published it on another. Our definition said…

Our own definition for ‘Inferences’

‘An assumption you make about what is not written in the text or passage.’
And we came up with four things about inferences.

Using clues and hints, Making prediction, Referring to someone or something and Judging parts of a text.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Reading activity

We did a reading activity for Reading.... The walt was that WALT find phrases in our story, Nga Tatarakihi O Parihaka, and write what they really mean. Here is my working and some of the phrases I found in the text.

Api cried, bursting through the door
As the door flew open, a completely worried Api came rushing in

The kuia shovelled more loaves into the oven, swinging the paddle without effort
Aunty Maata shovelled more pieces of dough into the oven and played around with the paddle

Api hefted the flour onto the bench where Aunty Maata could better reach it
Api lifted the flour and placed it on the bench so his aunty could reach it better

She gasped, her heart hammering, and ducked her head under
She let out a gasp, heart thumping like a hammer, and sunk below the surface of the water

Math PlayGround

For maths today, I went onto a site called Math PlayGround and played some awesome online maths games. I clicked one called Ratio, Proportion & Percent and got taken to the same site, but a whole load of games that included Ratio, Proportion and Percent. I scrolled down looking for a game to play and came across something called Math Apprentice. I had a tiny turn to see how the game worked and I found out how to play it. During the game, I had to first pick a building. There were 8 to choose from.
Screenshot 2017-05-10 at 11.42.32.png
I chose ‘Doodles.’ The instructions/rules said that I was an apprentice at ‘Doodles’ and that I had to learn how math equations could be used to create works of art.
All I had to do was fidget around with colours and curves and created this masterpiece.
Screenshot 2017-05-10 at 11.54.05.png
The next game I played just before the bell rang was based on Geometry.
It was called Problem Solving. This game was a bit like another game I know called BLOXORZ, and it was BLOXORZ. In the game I was a rectangular block trying to fit through a hole.
Screenshot 2017-05-10 at 12.07.21.png

I’m very good at playng this ‘PROBLEM SOLVING’ game, so I got through to level 4 quickly but stopped playing after that. BLOXORZ was the second and final math activity game I played for today.