Friday, 20 June 2014

topic with whaea cook

In the weekend. My topic with Whaea Cook.18614

In the weekends.
Saturday:I was playing with my two brothers Kovah and Legin.
As you can see my brother Kovah is named after a famous rapper named Havok and Legin is named after my Papa Nigel..
Their names backwards are the ones I just told you about.
Legin is four years old and Kovah is almost the same age as me but he is eight years old.

Sunday:We were playing on our trampoline and doing backflips and frontflips.
We also played bands with Gordon and Ngaturi and we also were playing on our phones and computer.

Monday:After school had finished we walked home with Stanley and my mum bought us bands before we got back.
She told me to give Stanley a packet of bands and s’s.
The s’s are connectors to connect your bands when you are finished.
I made Stanley three bands and he lost all of them against Gordon.
I made me a lot of bands but I had more than just three.
I had ten.

I challenged a lot of people but I won first and then they wonn their bands back.
They even won my bands.

Tuesday:I went to school and skipped but then when it was home time I rushed home and we went in a taxi.

Wednesday:Did some maths at home.And I did nothing on Thursday and Friday.   

Race relations day. 2431

Race relations day. 24314.
On Friday afternoon we had to dress up in our church clothes or our cultural clothes.
We could also choose to wear the colours of our country.

This is the story.

First we sat in a circle and the circle started with room 1 then it went all the way to room 12 till everyone had seated down.

I came dressed in my Church clothes and  I sat down next to the room 10.
The Race Relations day assembly began with Mr sean’s maori boy kapahaka group.
They did really well, but the best person was robin the leader of the group because he spoke loud and strong.
Then there were kids speaking their own language and
Robin was one of them.
I liked Manuela’s  speech because her one was in spain language.
After that All the teachers spoke in their language and some just spoke in english.
Very soon after that Mr Hendricks introduced a lady from the Human Rights Council and she was very fair.
Her name was Sarah Peters.
She, Mr Naidoo and the other south african teachers  told us about the thing that some other people teased them about the colour of their skin and those same people said I do not want to be teased because of my colour and 50 of those people died.
A little while we had a cultural parade from maori kids to south african teachers.
It was time to show our costumes that time.
I went up with Miss maude’s Niece Misty August who was also a maori.
Then we were seated and we watched all the groups of cultures.
We saw siua a few times because he is a lot of cultures.
Then it was time to go back in class and pack our bags ready to go home.

The End.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tane's diary

Tane’s diary

Day 1. One  morning when i awoke from bed i jumped up and went to the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth.

Next i got dressed in my  clothes and shoes.

Then i went outside to tell my friends that i was going on a trip and i was  leaving Hawaii. A little while before i was leaving Hawaii some of my friends Levi and Harmony had asked me if they could come with me and i said yes so away we went, Levi, Harmony and i.

Before we were off we had to pack some food, clothes and spares just in case anything happens and if we run out of food or if we are wanting to change our clothes.

Then when we were all ready we went in a waka.
Poupe d'un waka néo-zélandais
Then we were off.

Day 5. It was a long trip until we got to Samoa.
When we got onto land we were travelling around the island and suddenly we were surrounded by other travellers. They trapped us in a cage and we begged them to let us out. After a day in the cage they promised to let us out and they gave us supplies to help us survive.
We thanked them before we left and then we were off for another journey.

We were singing waiatas along the way and we used some supplies to help us catch some kahawai. We used a fishing rod.

Then we got across the sea and took a rest.

Day 7.When we awoke we were ready for another adventure.
We travelled until we got to Cook island and stopped on land to take another look around.

There we met another traveller looking for food and shelter.
Harmony asked me if we could help the traveller.
I said yes so we invited the traveller into a hut we made and it had four rooms.
We decorated them so they could look nice.

Then we settled in and lied down on our beds to go to sleep and then another journey was completed.

Day 12. a few days later we were bright and early awaken by the sound of Melony’s singing and took a shower one by one.

Then we brushed and flossed our teeth and then  we got dressed and went off for another adventure.

We travelled far and finally we reached New Zealand.

We took a look around the parks and sat on the seats that were there and also went for a look around the houses.

Another person showed us a house we could stay in for a while named Trevor came along with us.
Trevor said he wanted to name our group Golden kids but I just wanted it to be how it was without a name but just the five of us friends together.
Luckily there were five rooms.
Levi said that our group keeps getting bigger and bigger and i said that it was because we meet the people from travelling in different countries and islands.’

The Trevor was really excited because we were the first friends he ever had.

Harmony was laughing because trevor slipped in a puddle.

The story might end here but there is more than this a fight begins between Trevor and Harmony.
I stop them as fast as possible and they calm down in an instant.
Phew that was a relief Melony and Levi said trying to sleep but there eyes kept opening and closing.

We must go on said Trevor after a few nights.
I agreed with what he said and we were off but this time it wasn’t a journey nor was it an adventure.
It was a mission.
It took a lot of days until we got all the way back to Hawaii.
Day 20. After all those trips my other friends Angel, Hatu, Haria, Jody and savana congratulated Melony and Trevor for being brave enough to help us on the way and they gave us all medals for being brave to travel a long way.

That Is The End Of My Diary.Celebratory Medals

Friday, 13 June 2014

brushing teeth

20/5/2014 Brushing teeth.

Every day and night you must brush your teeth to keep your mouth and teeth strong and healthy.

You could use a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush anyone you want to or the ones you might have at home.

You could also use some mouthwash.

the things you need to brush your teeth with are …………
A toothbrush and toothpaste..

Put a little bit of toothpaste on your brush. and then you put the toothbrush in your mouth and you have to do circle circle sweep from your front teeth to your back. teeth.
After that you will need to brush and brush until your back and front teeth are done.

Make sure you brush the inside of your teeth, the outside of your teeth and the biting surface. of your teeth....

Then you will have bright and shining teeth….